Forms's ShowModalMask Property



Based on  Form.ShowModalMask Property,  “forms opened using ShowDialog() – always shows the modal mask by default”. However, setting the property to false has no effect.

Am I missing something obvious?



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That’s correct. When using ShowDialog() the dialog is modal and the modal mask is always shown, as explained in the remarks of the ShowModalMask property. You can use that property to show the modal mask when a form is not modal.

  • Puloy Sebastian
    As per documentation, it says “by default” which means that even if you don’t set the property, modal mask will always be true and shown but it is set to false, it should not be shown.
  • Luca (ITG)
    It doesn’t say it will “always be true”, it says it will “always be shown”. You cannot turn off the modal mask for a modal dialog. You can theme it if you need to, using a theme mixin or a custom theme.
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