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I’m new to WiseJ and I’ve been developing a simple responsive application, however, every time I switch between profiles (from default to phone and vice-versa) the form size changes (sometimes it gets smaller, sometimes bigger) and I have to reset all components position and size within the form. Is there any setup that I should do before start using different profiles?

I’m using Visual Studio 2017 and WiseJ

I have searched on the forum, however, I couldn’t find any post related to this behavior.

Thanks in advance.

Joao Galaverna

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Cannot reproduce any change in size unless you changed the size of the form in the profile. Usually floating forms are not well suited for mobile.

If you attach a small reproducible test case we can look into it further.

  • JOAO PAULO Galaverna
    Thanks for the help, Luca. In fact, I was using floating forms. Once I changed the project to the web page project instead, it worked perfectly.
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