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Hello Frank, Luca, et al,

I’m working on a real-time editor service wherein the server-side software needs to analyze the text as it’s being typed. It doesn’t have to be instant, but within 2 seconds maybe, the server should be in sync with the client so that the server can react to the typing and make things adjust in the UI.

Is there a way to make this happen? I know TextChanged doesn’t work, nor does KeyDown/KeyUp. I tried setting up a timer to check the value of .Text  every 2 seconds, but it doesn’t change.

Any suggestions as to how to accomplish this?



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Hi John,

as a (temporary) workaround you can also use a timer and an async call:


Find a sample here:

Best regards

  • John Nagle
    Hi Frank, this is perfect for now, definitely…thanks so much!
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HTML editor are created in an iframe and events from iframes don’t bubble up. You’d have to modify the extension and subscribe to the events made available by the editors. I’ll log an enhancement here:

You can click Watch in github to receive automatic notifications when something changes and you can log issues, fork the code, etc:

Also, look at this blog entry in case it helps:

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