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Hello WiseJ dev team,

I build a web page that was called from a mobile phone, my problem was that the scrolling is not fluent.

Watching on forum i found a solution adding the ‘touchstart event’  and it works, the scrolling was fluent, but with ‘combobox’ with ‘DropDownStyle = Wisej.Web.ComboBoxStyle.DropDownList;’ the scrolling return to be blocking and no more fluent, i try to add the touchstart event to the combobox but nothing.

There is some modality to solve it?

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Hi Levie,

thanks for the reply, for the moment i found a solution by adding to the drop down the Event DropDown (when the portion of drop-down was shown) and into the event i call the javascript code only for android as IOS devices works:

this.Eval(“document.querySelectorAll(‘[opener=\”myComboBoxName\”]’)[0].addEventListener(‘touchmove’, function (e) { e.preventDefault(); e.stopPropagation(); })”);

with this trick when oppen on android device the scrolling of combobox items seems works.

Maybe this trick can help you.

Best regards


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We are still working on ways to increase the fluency of scrolling on mobile and overall compatibility with mobile, but don’t have a great solution yet.

This JavaScript library could be useful for you if you want to limit the over scrolling of the page:



You can also add:

“options”: { “mobile.mode”: true }

to your Default.json file to enable experimental mobile features.

If you have fewer than 100 items in your DropDown, you could try playing with the ComboBox.DropDownHeight property to show them all and just scroll your normal page that way.

We hope to improve this feature in the future!

Sorry I couldn’t be more help, I’ll keep you updated if I find another solution!

Best regards,


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