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I’m trying to design a system where multiple clients (PC’s on a LAN) need to communicate with a wisej web app on a server PC (on same LAN).

However, I’m uncertain as to how the clients & server will keep track of eachother when there is a high possibility that the IP addresses may change from time to time.

This must be a common issue most of you have dealt with and would appreciate some pointers on how to go about solving it.

Can I avoid using IP addresses altogether, and somehow use names or domains?

The server will likely be a self-hosted wisej app. as opposed to using IIS.

Thank you

  • Darren
    What I’m asking here is: How do you guarantee that the clients & server always know each others address on a LAN where IPs can change?
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Hi Frank,

Yes, after months of worrying about this it’s not actually a problem at all.

Being a hardened desktop developer & taking the plunge into the unknown world of web dev for the first time – I’ve been over thinking all possible issues.

Not a bad thing I suppose but it’s kept me awake at night a few times, lol

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Hi Darren,

this highly depends on your network infrastructure. If you have a decent DHCP server you can assign fixed IP addresses based on the clients/servers MAC address.
Otherwise you could also think of sending out a test request on a certain range of IP-addresses and see which respond.

Best regards

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