Extremely Delay on Application StartUp


Hi WiseJ-Team,

we´ve tested to publish your CodeProject Demo to our webserver.

There we have a problem:

If we call the url the website is pending about 40 to 60 seconds at app.wx. (see the attached images from chrome and edge).

Then we get the application.

Second problem:

After every 50 to 60 seconds we get 4 to 5 times shortly one after another the speech output with the CPU value.

Our webserver runs behind a proxy and a firewoll and doesnt support web sockets. The server is activated (offline) and there is no activation error so activation seems to be okay.

The webserver also has no internet access.

In the Internet Explorer (but only there) I get also the exception in the network trace, that the app can not access amazonaws (blocked by our proxy) when load application.

Do you have any idea what we can do to fix the problem?

For the second issue maybe the “polling”-Feature will help?


I hope you understand what I mean.


Thank you very much!



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Best Answer

Hi Jan,

The long-loading issue might be due to BingWallpaper failing to load the images. You can remove that extension and see if it loads quicker.

I would also try disabling the speech extension if it’s annoying, it is probably due to the network connectivity.



  • Jan Brandenburger
    Thanks Levie. Is there any chance that I can debug this (I want to learn how to find the problem in future), because in the Developer Tools in Chrome there was no hint, that the Bing-Wallpaper could be the problem… Best, Jan
  • Levie (ITG)
    Hi Jan, There are a few tools you can use to debug these kinds of issues. Make sure you set “Exception Settings > Common Language Runtime Exceptions” on the server-side (VS) and “Pause on all exceptions” on the client-side (Chrome Dev Tools). The issue that you’d see with Bing Wallpapers is the WebClient failed when fetching the backgrounds (server-side) and would throw an exception on the request timeout. I find one of the best things to do is to start removing features until you have a very basic application that works, then slowly add the features back until it breaks. HTH, Levie
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