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I thought all extensions existed as Wisej.Web.Ext*.dll under C:\Program Files\IceTeaGroup\Wisej\bin

It turns our that some extensions have a diffeerent base namespace Wisej.Ext instead of Wisej.Web.Ext. This makes extensions more difficult to find because you have to search them in two different ways.

Furthermore, some extensions don’t exist on the referred folder:

  • jSequence
  • Polymer
  • SmoothieChart
  • ElegantIcons (UI extension)
  • FontAwesome (UI extension)
  • MaterialDesign (UI extension)
  • ModernUI (UI extension)
  • HostService (looks more like an example than an extension)

I understand UI extensions are a matter of preference and as such shouldn’t be standard extensions. The HostService doesn’t look like an extensio, at all. But why aren’t the other 3 extensions distributed as standard extensions?


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Hi Tiago,

The extensions that are Wisej.Ext.* are not bound to Wisej.Web, they only use Wisej.Core and are/will be compatible with Wisej.Mobile. The extension only for Wisej.Web are Wisej.Web.Ext, the ones only for Wisej.Mobile will be Wisej.Mobile.Ext.

HostService was supposed to be a product, but we decided to make it a free extension with source code. It’s more than an example since there is an implementation of the System.Web Worker Request as an Owin middleware with additional code tailored to work with Wisej without having to change web.config. Most of the code in there, while relatively simple (which is a good thing), requires a ton of trial and error to make it work correctly with System.Web and as an embedded server. The same is true for the AspNetControl wrapper, our implementation, as opposed to VWG, is a lot simpler but it took a lot of refining and hitting walls with AspNet controls using very advanced undocumented features, like the stimulsoft designer.

Making it available with source code allows developers to build their own customized server or application.



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