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I have downloaded the new version and installed, when registering in VS I get “NetworkInformationException”, Message: Invalid access to memory location.


On this machine I can access the Internet and wisej.com , but yes its behind a proxy.

Any other ideas how to get the trial license activated ?




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If the machine can access the internet (the activation is a simple http request on 80 to wisej.com) then it should work. However, the error

“NetworkInformationException”, Message: “Invalid access to memory location” indicates a possible problem with the network card or windows installation. I did a quick search and it seems like other people have the same problem. The problem is that “Invalid access to memory location” is an OS or .NET core bug unrelated to Wisej. It may be occurring when the license manager queries the network card. But it’s all kosher .NET classes.

You can try from another machine and copy the wisej-server.lic file.





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