Desktop.wallpaper ?


I create wisej app with Desktop.

I set desktop.wallpaper image  (Desktop1.Wallpaper=”O:\Images\wood.jpg”)

Desktop wallpaper change from wisej logo to clean white. Why, no change to wood.jpg pic ?


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Hi Ainars,

It’s not possible to access a local file from a browser. If you check your console, you’ll see a “Not allowed to load local resource” error.
That’s a security exception built into all modern browsers.

you can set any URL or an image from a Theme to the Wallpaper property of the Desktop component.

I would suggest that you use the CustomWallpaper extension for Wisej, which you can find it in nuget, from there you can load the image file (Or have multiple custom ones ) and set it as a custom wallpaper for your desktop.

You can check the CustomWallpaper sample we have on GitHub: iceteagroup/wisej-examples: Wisej sample applications. See (


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