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I have a desktop style application using the latest 1.5.x version. When accessing it from an ipad/phone its very awkward to use because when you try to swipe to scroll or move windows around it drags the entire screen. So the question is – if a ipad accesses the site -can I present a “non” desktop style app instead ? Maybe just foll pages and no the desktop windows ?

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Hi Edmond,


You should try adding Responsive Profiles to your application.  Right-Click your project > Add Item > ClientProfiles.json.


You can add a handler for the ResponsiveProfileChanged event on your form and update the UI accordingly.  With this event handler, you can determine the device type and screen width from the “CurrentProfile” object property.


You will also notice in Wisej 2 you can directly edit different screens for Responsive Profiles from the designer window (At the bottom of the designer window shows “Default Profile”).


Please let me know if this helps you!


Best regards,


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