Designer broken after 1.3.40 update


After I updated to 1.3.40, everytime I try to open a GUI-designer there is an “ArgumentNullException” for the parameter “key”.

The Designer is then shown but sometimes throws NullReferenceExceptions.

It still somewhat works but you might want to have a look at that.

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Hi Adrian,

thanks for reporting this. I tried to reproduce here but failed so far.

Does this happen with all forms you are opening in the designer ?

Can you please try with one of our examples or send me a small repro case ?

You can reach me at

Best regards

  • Adrian Joachim
    It happens with all of them, even newly created ones.
  • Adrian Joachim
    Could it have something to do with licensing? I am behind a firewall.
  • Frank (ITG)
    Hi Adrian, yes, that´s where this error occurs. And that´s why this problem did not show up in our tests. We´ll fix it asap. Thanks again, Frank.
  • Felix CHAN
    Hi Frank, Although I can continue to work on the control after closing the Exception dialog, the Visual Studio will crash (sometimes) if one or more Designer opened in the Visual Studio, no matter I am working on C# code or using the Designer screen. Regards, Felix CHAN
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