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Is it possible to set the Default MarginRight-Property of every Control which is a ChildControl of a TableLayoutPanel ?

Have tried to set the Default MarginRight via Theme-Designer of each Control we need . Have added the Theme an changed Theme in web.config. Margin of each Control is still [3, 3, 3, 3]. All other changes I made are applied.

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The margin on the control is not the same as the margin in the theme. The margin in the theme is used by the widgets to manage the layout inside the widget. The layout of the controls in panel is managed by the server and is not a themeable property.

For example, if you set the margin in a theme for the textfield inside a combobox, the margin is applied to the widget since the widget as a whole is managed by the javascript library. While the Margin property of the controls is managed by the Default layout engine, or the Flow layout engine, or the Table layout engine.

I have to see if we can read the property applied to the top level appearance and use it in the control as the default value. Will log as an enhancement.



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