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i have many datagridviews component in my project and each tabpage i have a method that refresh that datagridviews component and in that method

i needed to check ;

private void IENoRefresh(Wisej.Web.DataGridView Gv){

if (Gv.RowCount > 0)
if (!Gv.SelectedRows[0].IsNewRow)

Gv.SelectedRows[0][“ProjeID”].Value.ToString() != “”


and in design code added  column name properties shown below

this.dgvcolumnname.HeaderText= “ProjeID”;
this.dgvcolumnname.DataPropertyName = “ProjeID”;
this.dgvcolumnname.Name = “xyz”;

now im migrating my project from devexpress to wisej and i realized that when i check dgv.SelectedRows[0][“ProjeID”].Value.ToString() != “” i have an exception that is “ProjeID”  named column not found in that datagridview but when i write its name “xyz” have  no problem .

The question i’d like to ask is there anyway that i can check that gridview column by using DataPropertyName properties without getting an exception .By the way i know i can write common name properties for all column names and can use it but i have alot of columns ,want to know is there another way?



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The DataPropertyName is related to data binding and it’s not unique since multiple columns can be bound to the same data property, plus if the indexer is a string then it can be either the name or the DataPropertyName for clarity.

You can use System.Linq on the columns collection to find the column index like this:

dataGridView.Columns.First(c => c.DataPropertyName == “Name”).Index;

Incidentally I noticed that the Rows and SelectedRows collection only allow the index and the name in the indexer, they should also use the column instance, like this:

dataGridView.SelectedRows[0][dataGridView.Columns.First(c => c.DataPropertyName == “Name”)]

but now you can do this:

dataGridView.SelectedRows[0][dataGridView.Columns.First(c => c.DataPropertyName == “Name”).Index]

If the column doesn’t exist you’ll get an exception from Linq.


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