DataGridViewCheckboxColumn - clicking the checkbox does nothing at all


I’ve got a page, migrated from VWG.  On this page there are two data grid views.  In one of those DGVs is a CheckBox column.  That checkbox column is NOT set to ReadOnly.  The DGV itself is NOT set to ReadOnly, yet clicking on the checkboxes in that column does nothing at all – the DataGridView.CellValueChanged event is not raised, the underlying value is not changed and the visual state of the checkbox is not changed.

In the .designer.cs file, this is how the column is initialized:

 this.dataGridViewCheckBoxColumn1.AutoSizeMode = Wisej.Web.DataGridViewAutoSizeColumnMode.None;
 dataGridViewCellStyle7.Alignment = Wisej.Web.DataGridViewContentAlignment.MiddleCenter;
 dataGridViewCellStyle7.NullValue = false;
 this.dataGridViewCheckBoxColumn1.DefaultCellStyle = dataGridViewCellStyle7;
 this.dataGridViewCheckBoxColumn1.FillWeight = 10F;
 this.dataGridViewCheckBoxColumn1.HeaderText = " ";
 this.dataGridViewCheckBoxColumn1.Name = "dataGridViewCheckBoxColumn1";
 this.dataGridViewCheckBoxColumn1.Resizable = Wisej.Web.DataGridViewTriState.True;
 this.dataGridViewCheckBoxColumn1.Width = 15;

The rows are being added to the DGV by call dgv.Rows.Add(object[]) – i.e., not using Data Binding.

The DGV has two other columns, both text columns, both set to ReadOnly=true.

Wise-J 3.2.5.  I upgraded to 3.5.5 with no change in behavior.

Windows 11, Edge browser

Is this the intended behavior for Wise-J DGV checkboxes, or is something else going on?

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This had something to do with styles & other content leftover from the VWG designer that the WiseJ designer carried forward.   I removed all cell styles from the grids and then re-added the appropriate style and the grid started working correctly.  I don’t know exactly what it was – I fiddled with it for hours, cleaning up junk in the .designer.cs file until it started working.


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Hello Carl,

I could not reproduce, can you please provide us with a running small sample that demonstrates this issue?

Best regards,


  • Carl Daniel
    Not likely, but I’ll give it a try. I rather suspect that in a small example the DGV checkbox will work as I’d expect and that the problem is something more subtle involving the larger app. Any troubleshooting tips/ideas would be appreciated.
  • Carl Daniel
    I cannot create a small repro – I tried adding a new WiseJ Web app to my solution and that project will not run at all (due to issues related to IIS Express, I think). I’m a TP license customer – how do I get better help with this?
  • Julie (ITG)
    If you’re a TP customer, you should have access to a git repository where you can create an issue and we can continue this discussion there. Each TP has a git repository created by us (Wisej) where you can create git issues and have discussions.
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