[SOLVED] datagridview vertical scrollbar


I have to enlarge the datagridview vertical scrollbar to allow to the tablet users to scroll more easily.

I have to work with themes? If is it so where is the datagridview setting in theme?

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Hi Roni,


You can modify all of the scrollbars in the Theme in ThemeBuilder under Scrollbar > properties > width.  Scrollbar-y component of Table Scroller inherits from scrollbar.

This would allow you to make all scrollbars bigger for tablets.


I hope this helps,

Let me know if you have any more questions!




  • Levie (ITG)
    You can also hide scrollbars on mobile in Wisej 2 for tablets, as they are not always necessary to scroll on mobile. You can create response profiles for mobile devices that will let you control the behavior of pages when a certain type of device accesses it or there is an experimental property to set in the json file: options: {“mobile.mode”: true} — you can try playing around with that and see if you can get your desired behavior! Best, Levie
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Nice, was just wondering this myself.

Is there a way to retrieve the width value, or set it at runtime? In my case it only needs to be wider on mobile devices.

And is there a way to disable a horizontal scrollbar on a Listview? If the width overflows, both appear.

Appreciate the screenshots you make Levie. Keep up the good work


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