DataGridView - Stack overflow exception


When I attempt to add an SQL binding source to a DGV I get a stack Overflow error using version 2.2.4

dm.Fill(dtStaff, strSelect, “Staff”);

dgvOfficeStaff.AutoGenerateColumns = false;
bsStaff.DataSource = dtStaff;

dgvOfficeStaff.DataSource = bsStaff; This line causes stack overflow error.

DGV has predefined columns some of which are custom columns.

this.dgvOfficeStaff = new Wisej.Web.DataGridView();
this.Staff = new wjServiceDirectory.DataGridViewMultiComboBoxColumn();
this.Manager = new wjServiceDirectory.DataGridViewMultiComboBoxColumn();
this.Cover = new wjServiceDirectory.DataGridViewMultiComboBoxColumn();
this.From = new Wisej.Web.DataGridViewDateTimePickerColumn();
this.To = new Wisej.Web.DataGridViewDateTimePickerColumn();
this.CC = new Wisej.Web.DataGridViewColumn();


  • Ewan Walker
    Works fine with version 2.2.3. Appreciate this is a difficult one to diagnose however Frank has a copy of the project
  • Frank (ITG)
    Hi Ewan, can you please tell me where you made this code changes and the steps to reproduce the problem? TIA, Frank
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This has been resolved by private mail and a fix will be included in the next Wisej build.
Thanks Ewan!

Best regards

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