DataGridView responsive/autoadjust to mobile screen


I’m testing your platform and i want to know if your DataGridView has responsive capabilities. Can hide columns automatically to adjust to mobile screens? Can i see those hidden columns pressing a  part of the control?

Is there an example that show that functionality?



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The DataGridView cannot know which columns you want to hide when the size of the grid changes and for which device.

Wisej provides a common set of responsive breaks defined in ClientProfiles.json and automatically detects changes according to the rules and fires the ResponsiveProfileChanged event. The event is available on any container (Form, Page, Desktop) and as a static event in Application.ResponsiveProfileChanged.

The availability of the event at the Application level allows the programming of application-specific controls that adapt to the client profile. For example, a panel showing customer  information can show more or less information.

This is the built-in ClientProfiles.json:

You can override it by placing your ClientProfiles.json in the root of the project.

The breaks are evaluated from the top down, the first match will fire the Application.ResponsiveProfileChanged event. You can also detect a specific device using the userAgent regular expression.

When you handle ResponsiveProfileChanged you can hide, show, resize, position controls or columns. Hidden columns can be shown using the column visibility menu at the top right corner.

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