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Is there the possibility to have a DataGridView with a “row expand” functionality, so that when the row is expanded to show detail records and when collapsed to show a summary of those detail records? Like the classical order header/order items?

Would¬†this require binding to a hierarchy? Or the ¬†details get filled when the “expand row” event is fired and show a different control with the details. That would be more flexible. Something like the CellPanel functionality of VWG. I think this has been discussed before in the forum.



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Hi Alex,

This is a feature on the todo list, but it will most likely not get implemented before the first release.

The plan is to: a) add a Rows and Parent property to the DGV row class in order to behave like a tree node; b) add a Control property to the DGV cell class to let it host any control; c) add ColSpan and (maybe) RowSpan to the cell to span multiple cells.

We will also have a new RepeaterPanel extension control bound to a template control that will get repeated.


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