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I use the datagridview extensively, and I change the column headings in code, depending on the data. If I change the heading using the columns collection, all is good, until I sort any column. The original column heading is then restored, and changing the column heading via code will no longer work. On another datagridview issue, if I have a large column count (60) I will save the project and then when I reopen, sometimes the grid will have what appears to be a red error or warning icon. I cannot see any details what the error could be. I can create a new datagrid and populate again, and no icon. In both cases the data is retrieved and displayed correctly.

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Hi John,

the release build (1.3.9) including fixes for WJ-7795 is online.

Can you please retry with it ?

Best regards

  • John Sainsbury
    Frank, The columns are now behaving as expected. I do notice though the text displayed in the column header will not wrap to fill more than one line. Normally if the text is larger than the visible width, it will wrap to the next line if cell height is available. I have tried the columnheadersdefailtcellstyle property of the grid,as well as the wrapmode in headerstyle of the colmns collection. Is this something yet to be addressed, or am I off in the wrong direction.
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Yes, it reverts to the original column title. It’s logged as WJ-7795,¬†will be in the release update coming up tonight.

The warning icon is not an error, it simply means that the widget didn’t render in time, the 60 column would do it. If the widget generates an error it is either displayed in the widget itself in the designer or shown as a message box, depending on the severity.

The upcoming update lets controls ask for more rendering time, it should solve the warning you get for large datagrids.



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