Datagridview collapse icon

  1. I am working in a RightToLeft UI, Can I control the datagridview collapse icon (needs to be on the right side of the cell
    and pointing left)
  2. If I want to show a multiline text for a specific row, is the collapse feature the best way to go?
  3. I the open issues for RTL you should add the collapse feature for datagridview
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Hi Eyal,

You can try playing around with the RightToLeftLayout property of container controls like panels, pages, etc. to get your desired behavior for the icon,  but the DataGridView doesn’t have full Right to Left support yet.  It should be done within a few weeks.

I would try setting the WrapMode property in DefaultCellStyle to True for multiline text in cells.

You might find it useful to modify the RowHeight property of the DataGridView as well.

Let me know if this makes sense!



  • eyal Katz
    Thank’s for the answer, but my main questions was can I control the collapse icon (repleace it with a different icon when the grid is in rtl mode)?
  • Levie (ITG)
    You’ll be able to do it once we implement RTL for DGV in the coming months… stay tuned! Best, Levie
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