DataGrid Checbox column issue


Using v 1.3.36:
I have a grid with autogeneratedcolumns=false, i tried to show a datagridviewcheckbox control but no success. Other columns type cells display correctly. I set datasource in code/runtime (list)
I tried bool values and nullable bool? but no success, empty cell…
If i switch to textboxcolumn displays a string: True/False, but I’d like to display a checkboxcolumn
Thanks in advance!

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Hi Ser,

I can’t reproduce. Wisej generates CheckBox columns for bool, bool? and CheckState types. If you have a custom theme try to remove it and use one of the built in themes. Check also if the generated class is DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn and the issue is that you don’t get the checkbox icon. If the generated class is wrong, then the data source is not returning the correct type, or you already have a column with the same data member name.

Let me know.


  • Ser Gar
    You’re right, i compare themes, and custom file theme has missing property: “paddingTop”: 26, Advice how to update custom theme to work with each wisej update. Custom theme was modified from blue1 theme with an older wisej theme builder (save as…), and I didn’t make changes to this missing porperty. From blue1 theme with older wisej theme builder, I only modified ajax loaders gifs and title windows colors. “components”: { “content”: { “states”: { “default”: { “styles”: { “fillColor”: “iconDark”, “backgroundSize”: “24px”, “backgroundImage”: “checkbox”, “backgroundPosition”: [ “center”, “center” ] }, “properties”: { “paddingTop”: 26, //<- adding this line works "paddingLeft": 26 } }, "checked": { "styles": { "backgroundImage": "checkbox-checked" }
  • Frank (ITG)
    Hi Ser, the best way IMHO is to use partial themes called mixins. That way you are safer from changes that we need to apply to the themes. Find more information here: or let us know if you encounter any questions. Best regards Frank
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