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Can you please let me know when a database binding sample will be available.




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Hi Victor,

Databinding in Wisej is just like databing in WinForms. There are a lot of resources about WinForms databing, namely Databinding with WinForms and Windows Forms Data Binding.

In the GitHub repository Wisej-examples, there is a DataBinding example that includes two databing projects. The WinForms project was ported to Wisej. You can compare both projects and see how similar they are.

Anyway the intent of this sample is to show that Wisej fixes a long standing issue with WinForms simple databinding: a databound control isn’t notified of changes to the bound property. In this example you can compare the behaviour of WinForms vs Wisej:

1) Click on the All Bindings button

2) Change Ella FITZGERALD last name

On WinForms you can see the last name you typed gets capitalized on DGV but not on the TextBox, because the later isn’t notified of the change

On Wisej you can see the last name you typed gets capitalized both on DGV and on the TextBox.

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