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I love the Tools property of the Wisej textbox controls. With it, I can remove a lot of customization code when moving VWG-> Wisej. Thank guys.

Some more features I wish to see in the Wisej textbox control:

+ The ability to display a customized content depend on the focus state. Please see the picture attached. At the moment, I work around by handling the GotFocus/LostFocus event.

+ Support a better tooltip instead of a default one.

Thank you for the great job.



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Hi Tung,

thanks for your kind words, that’s much appreciated!

Depending on what you’re after, the Watermark property of Textbox and ComboBox might be what you are looking for. I have used this in similar scenarios as those that you describe. Other than that, you could create your own class that derives from Textbox/ComboBox to handle the Get/Lost Focus events and adds a property for alternative text to show while focused. That way you don’t have to duplicate the code but keep it at one place.

Best wishes

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