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Hi, I’m Christian from Italy

I have many project with VisualWebGui, so I’m very interested of wisej

I’ve a couple of question about licensing model.

Must our customer activate every single server (dev, test, QA, production) ?

How does licensing model works with azure web application “scale out” ?

How much does the annual maintenance?


thanks and good job


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Yes, Italian. We also have Germans, Austrians and Danish. 🙂

For the ISV price lise:

The renewal is online. However, you can renew on a build machine and update the wisej-server.lic file that is added to the deployment to support servers without an internet connection and embedded systems.

There are a couple of ways to deploy on Azure. Wisej works with all of them. When you use the Web Site option and Azure takes over the scaling you get multiple activations which is okay with Wisej.

You can contact me directly at gianluca[at]

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Can I have details about ISV pricing?

Is the renewal managed by internet connection ?

maybe it’s a problem on customer that in production can’t allowed server to internet connection.

On azure web app I don’t have direct access on IIS server and when I scale out the deploy is managed by azure on differente server.

How can I handle the wisej activation ?



ps. Luca is like italian name. Are you italian?





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The server license is only for deployments in production. It’s not checked with /localhost.

An Azure or AWS or other clouds you need one server license for each server instance. We have ISV pricing and unlimited distribution options. The renewal of a license is 50%, more or less in line with Telerik. The renewal is managed “silently”, meaning that you don’t need to reinstall or redeploy – Wisej detects automatically that a license has been renewed and updates the machine.

Also, Wisej will never stop a server, at the most you get an alert popup.


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