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I’m trying to create a brand new extension. I’ve been using the JustGage example as a template¬†but have run into an issue.

I’ve created my c# class derived from Control and implementing IWisejControl. Within that class I override the OnWebRender method to provide a config.classname of my own.

I’ve created a .js file (in a Platform folder), made it an embedded resource and used the same pattern as JustGage so it starts with qx.Class.define and then the same name as config.classname above.

However when I add my control to my test project the editor shows “Unknown Type:¬†” and the config,classname I specified.

Is there some additional step I need to perform to register my classname or some other override I’m missing? I’ve compared my project with JustGage as carefully as I am able and I can’t spot where I have gone wrong.



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Hi Nic,

Look at AssemblyInfo.cs. There is the WisejResources attribute. It marks the assembly. The designer and the resource manager bundle all the embedded js and css files into wisej.js and wisej.css, then minify (when not in debug mode).

We’ll have the project templates for the extensions soon.



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That was it – sorry I thought I had looked everywhere.

Thanks again


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