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I had an idea!

How would it be possible to have costum wallpaper, to read images from a remote place? something like am image source/cdn.

Idea is to centralize it and don’t ship them with the app, so that i can control it from one place,

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Hi Jorge,

You can use images from URL’s with the CustomWallpaper control.  For example:

 Dim imgLst(1) As ImageListEntry
 imgLst(0) = New ImageListEntry("https://urlOfImage1")
 imgLst(1) = New ImageListEntry("https://urlOfImage2")
 CustomWallpaper1.Images = imgLst

So as long as you know the URL of the images you can get them from wherever you want!

  • Jorge Bastos
    Hi Levie, Cool, thanks!
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