ContextMenu wrongly cancels when engaged by long-tap on mobile

Unfortunately I can’t engage ContextMenus on a ListView in details mode while on mobile. Long tapping the list item will sometimes bring up the menu, but any lateral movement whatsoever will cause it to be dismissed.  It will also dismiss when it registers a “mouseup” (i.e, lifting thumb from screen). In effect, it is not usable.
Only if you time the release of your thumb exactly will the menu show and not automatically cancel.
I thought to engage the context menu manually by the long tap event, but that did not work either.
The effect is visible here on this YouTube video:
Can this be fixed?
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Hi Andrew,

I see what you’re talking about with the lateral movement, it’s the same behavior for computers when the trackpad pans.  I will check into this for you whether it would be possible to change this behavior.

It sounds like you would like some feature that allows you to choose programmatically when the ContextMenu closes (ex. when a user clicks a MenuItem).

I’ll get back to you on this.

Best regards,


  • Andrew Niese
    I just need it to work on mobile (touchscreen) and not dismiss unless I tap outside of it, or if I tap a menuitem. And if it isn’t possible with the Qx contextmenu then need to know how else to do it. Thanks man.
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