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We have a GoogleMap that also has a context menu.  It is properly deployed when right-clicking on desktop. However, on mobile, sometimes it is deployed when    1) pinch-zooming   and 2) drag-and-dropping map markers.  (if the finger is on the screen in one place too long)

As a workaround, I can temporarily remove the Map’s context menu when in drag-and-drop mode, so it doesn’t deploy.  But pinch-and-zoom should always be on.

Is there a way to change the amount of time a finger must be pressed on the touch-screen before the context menu deploys?




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I don’t think it’s an emulated event by wisej/qooxdoo. The library emulates touch events on desktops, not the other way around. Or at least I couldn’t find it in the code or the docs. The “contextmenu” event seems to be generated by the mobile browsers natively and it doesn’t appear to be a Wisej issue.

You can disable it on the device by adding javascript or you can disable it in your code when detecting a mobile device.

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