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Hi, so I’ve been using quite a lot of ComboBoxes in my projects but frequently run into an issue where users cannot filter/find items in the dropdown list because entered text has to exactly match the first part of an item in the list.

For example, I have a ComboBox with these items:

10001  SomeDescription

10002 SomeOtherDescription

10003 AnotherDescription


What I’d like user to be able to do is either type “03” to find/filter the third item or type “Other” to find by description. I know I could do this by writing custom code to change the database query based on the input but this seems like a nice new feature to implement?


Thanks for considering!




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Hi Vincent,

maybe that’s what you want:

Search here for “Custom Item Filtering”.

Works for me.

Cheers, Gerhard



  • vincent_
    Thanks Gerhard! This should do the trick indeed! I should’ve checked the documention first.
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