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We are trialing WiseJ for an internal application and really like what we see so far but we seem to have some difficulty with the Accordion control in that it doesn’t appear that you can collapse all panels.

We have tried setting the “Collapsible” property for the Accordion Control to true in the Page constructor but when clicking the last open panel it doesn’t “close”.

Is there a way to have the panels collapsible so that only information is shown if the user wants to see it (i.e. is there a way to have all panels collapsed)

Thanks in advance.

  • Jason Weise
    Just wondering if anyone knows if this is possible, I am thinking not as we have gone through all the options we can see and doesn’t look like we can have all accordion panels closed.
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Hi Jason,

the Accordion has a set height and one panel always open to fill the remaining space. To have panels that can collapse freely you can simply dock panels to top (or other sides), set ShowHeader to true, all panels (Panel, FlexLayoutPanel, FlowLayoutPanel, TableLayoutPanel, SplitContainer/SplitContainerPanel) are collapsible. They also allow to be collapsed to a different side (CollapseSide, i.e. you can have a panel open and collapse it to the left vertically). You can also set the AutoShow property to OnClick or OnPointerOver to have the panel expand temporarily.


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