Closed modal form remains visible in the desktop taskbar.

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The modal form remains visible in the taskbar after the form is closed. If you click on it in the taskbar the form is activated and get focus. This time nothing in the form works. For instance the close button does nothing.

Attached project demonstrating the problem.



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Hi Wilfred,

It’s bug WJ-7791, fixed in the current build, will be online later on today.

Also, to make a modal dialog not appear in the taskbar set ShowInTaskbar to false.

Modal dialogs, differently than forms, when closed are NOT disposed and can be reused. Forms are disposed as soon as they are closed. Modal dialogs (forms opened using ShowDialog) has to be explicitly disposed by the app, or will be garbage collected by the GC at a later time if not referenced.

A common pattern for modal dialogs is:

using (var dlg = new MyDialog())







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