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Do you have collected somewhere the explicite definition minimal client side requirements for devices using Wisej as client?
I mean minimum version number of different browsers or something similar.
I remember to have seen such requirements data but I cannot find them again.

It’s becouse of mobile devices; is there any chance to use Windows Mobile 6.5 devices as client (IE 6)?

Thanks, Andreas

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I don’t think that IE6 has any chance but I’m not sure. The minimum requirements depend on the theme and on the controls used. Qooxdoo was designed to work even with IE8, I think. However, wisej some controls use CSS3.

On the safe side, I ‘d say IE10 and the latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari and CSS3. You can add a custom expression to validate the browser in Default.json. See configuration in the docs.

The Wisej.Mobile framework will be different.



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