Classic-2 theme - when window active, icons close, minimize, etc should be white

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Or else you can’t see them (confirm on the attached screen shot). I played with the theme editor a bit, did some tests but there is no obvious way to do it. How can I change it? .

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You need to change the activeCaption color?

If yes, this is what you need to do with the ThemeBuilder. For the Close Button:

  • Select Window/Close Button/Icon
  • Delete the inherit string (set it blank) now it should say “icon-dark”
  • Delete Window/Close Button/Icon/Hovered
  • Add Window/Close Button/Icon/Default/Properties/height=22
  • Add Window/Close Button/Default/Properties/textColor=iconDark
  • Add Window/Close Button/Hovered/Properties/textColor=white
  • Add the state Window/Close Button/Active
  • Add Window/Close Button/Active/Properties/textColor=white

The other buttons are the same but the hovered color is different.


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Thanks Luca.

The big problem was fixing the “other” buttons. Believe or not, I had to define Active before Hovered to get everything working as it should.

I attach the result of my efforts.

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