CKEditor Extension: How do I get the pointer's location?


Hello people. I’m using Wisej’s CKEditor extension to embed a text editor into my Wisej 3.1.5 web app, in which I want to insert strings directly into the text in different parts. The idea is to create an editor that allows our users to write contracts where they can insert different variables like client’s name, address, contract costs, etcetera, for which I would need to know where the pointer is located at any given time.

I imagine there’s some javascript magic I could to to achieve this, but since is all wrapped in Wisej’s API I don’t really know how to. Thank you all in advance

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Hi Pablo,

if you want to insert some text at the current caret location in a CKEditor you can use code like this:


Best regards

  • Pablo Clavijo
    Worked like a charm, thank you
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