Chrome and Edge out of Memory Error With Multiple AspNetPanels


Hi Support,

We have a Dashboard control which we use to display a number of DevExpress charts and Widgets.  We are using the Devexpress WebChartControl so we embed these inside individual AspNetPanels.

Originally I was thinking this was a browser issue but I’m not convinced anymore as we are doing the exact same thing in our VWG application and dont have the issue.

Essentially every few minutes we update the data on the chart by calling panel.Recreate();

This all works perfectly except after a few hours I get an Out of Memory error on both Chrome and Edge.  Our VWG version runs continually without issue.

The Panel is created at Design Time as an FYI.

Any ideas as to why this would be causing an OOM error in WiseJ?



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the Load event is part of the aspnet page cycle. See and asonet page cycle in msdn.

You cannot se the properties of an aspneg control outside of the load event (or init or preinit depending on fhe asonet control). That’s because aspnet recreates the control on every request.

To change and update the aspnet chart control you have to set its values in a Load handler. The Load fired by the AspeNetWtapper not fhe wisej page (this one fires only once).

All the aspnetwrapper events fire correctly. I don’t know what you mean with the cid and page source. You cannot retrieve any aspnet control outside of the asonet page cycle and an aspnet control cannot be a parent to a wisej control.

Send a runnable test case to support with all the required libraries if you need further help.

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Don’t use panel.Recreate(). It recreates the javascript class on the client and unless you dispose the devex control you leak. Use Update() to simulate the aspnet page cycle.

VWG doesn’t use javascript classes and its aspnet integration was running out of viewstate space all stuffed in the headers, which is the wrong usage of headers.

  • Brayden McLachlan
    Hi Luca, Thank you for the information. I have changed .Recreate to Update but unfortunately now my Charts Do Not Update. They only load the first time. I have also tried .Refresh and .Reload on the Panel but the PageLoad event is never called on the child page which has the chart. The chart is initially created as below panelChart.PageSource = $”chart1.aspx?_cid={((IWisejComponent)this).Id}”; We then use the id to retrieve the parent control from the page. Thanks, Brayden.
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