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As has been my want, I needed some further features in the chartjs extension so I thought I would make them and submit them back to you to distribute or ignore as you wish. As with any previous changes I assign all rights over the source to ITG.

The changes I have made are:

Upgraded to chartjs 2.7.2

Added new properties to the line chart dataset:

ShowLine – if false then line is not drawn between points – default: true
SteppedLine – Allows stepped lines to be drawn between points – default: false (i.e no steps).
SpanGaps – If true, lines will be drawn between points with no or null data. If false, points with NaN data will create a break in the line – Default: false.

Two new properties have been added to allow each point on the line to have a different border and fill color.
You can specify either one element which is used for all points or individual properties for each point.
If no color is specified for either then the behaviour is as before the change (i.e. border is line color, fill is empty)
The following properties have been converted to arrays so you can specify either one element which is used for all points or individual properties for each point:
In all cases if no value is specified the default will match the old version of the control (so PointStyle = circle, Radius = 5, HoverRadius = 5).
These are potentially breaking changes if set in code by users programs.
I’ve attached my changes and test app in the .zip.
PS: Yes one day I should probably learn how to use Git to make changes and submit them!
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Hi Nic,

The extension source code was published and is available at Wisej-Extensions repository at GitHub.

The updated examle was also published and is available at Wisej-Examples repository at GitHub.

Thanks again for your collaboration.

  • Nic Adams
    Thanks Tiago – happy to help out.
  • Tiago (ITG)
    As you may have noticed, it was included in release 1.5.12
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Hi Nic,

Thanks for your collaboration. I’ll have a look at the proposed changes.

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