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Hopefully this is an easy one. Running 2.1.43

ChartJS charts are working fine on my development machine but when I deploy to the server nothing displays. No errors. Am I missing a configuration setting somewhere? I did try and add the assembly in web.config but this doesn’t seem to be required on my local dev machine.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated

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Hi Chris,

Can you try using the latest version from the GitHub extensions page?


There was an issue with the ChartJS namespace in the 2.1.43 build, using this should fix the issue.

All future builds will include the fix!

Let me know if this solves your issue!



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I have the same problem. When I publish application, Wisej.Web.Ext.ChartJs is not displayed.

I download last  Wisej.Web.Ext.ChartJs Github extension, I compiled and create reference from new Wisej.Web.Ext.ChartJs.dll but still not work

No error appears.

I download the sample on https://github.com/iceteagroup/wisej-examples/tree/2.0/ChartJS but not works and mark an error: “unknown function: update”

Please help me.

Thanks in advance


  • Levie (ITG)
    Hi, are you able to use the 2.1 branch? Does the issue still occur? (The link you provided is for 2.0, which we aren’t working on anymore.) Best, Levie
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