Catch DevEx Control Server-Side Exception


Hi guys.

I’ve been trying to debug an error I have seen with the DevEx Dashboard wrapper telling me there was a server side error:

an error occurred during an attempt to load data
callback request failed due to an internal server error.

According to the DevEx support, this is what I should do:

However, I have read around this forum that HttpContext is going to be null during the application execution. So, will I be able to catch the Exception using the DevEx documented procedure?

Thanks in advance.



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Best Answer

HttpContext.Current is null only in WebSocket requests. Asp.Net controls can only use http.

  • Ivan Borges
    Got it Luca. Thank you.
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Hi again.

Apparently HttpContext  is not null at the Dashboard exception, since I have implemented the DevEx documented procedure and I have been able to catch the exception at the time it happens.

Guess this is solved then.

Thank you.

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