can we use custom loader in wisej page and how can we use?


Hi Team,

How to show the custom loader with ajax call function. Can you please help. Now i am using showLoader property for every page .



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Hi Sushma,

We don’t understand what you are trying to do:

– ajax calls are from the browser to the web server, while the loader is shown on the browser. Using ajax calls to show the loader doesn’t make sense.

– what do you mean with “custom loader”?

if you attach a small test case showing what you need to do would help.



  • sushma konda
    I want show the loader gif while fetching the data from database. what is the best way to use the loader in wisej? In my code i am using stored procedures . for processing the data it will take much time for getting the data, for that i have to show the loader gif. Please help me.
  • Frank (ITG)
    An easy way to achieve this is this.ShowLoader = true; // this can be your page / window / button etc. Application.Update(this); … run your code this.ShowLoader = false; Regards, Frank
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