Can I have open multiple pages?



Hi, I like to build a website for an agency..

I need that the client can open for example…

but if the same client open in new window…

or maybe for the search…

and in other window maybe…..

If I like for example right click in a link and “open in new tab”?


Thanks… I like WiseJ, but I need this functions like a normal website too.


Is possible with WiseJ?

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The sample ‘Deep Linking’ is not working… crash every time.


An unhandled exception of type ‘System.StackOverflowException’ occurred in System.Windows.Forms.dll




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Hi Michael,

Wisej is based on the Single Page Application concept (SPA) like all javascript systems: extjs,, jquery UI, dojo, etc.

However, with Wisej you can handle the URL arguments and hash value to navigate within the application at any level. In the case of single page applications it’s called Deep Linking. See a simple example at

You can also “navigate” multiple pages in your code simply calling Show() on a Page object or by assigning the new page to Application.MainPage.

To give you a better example, you can navigate like this:


The app can process hash changes using the Application.HashChanged event, it can store a particular path by setting Application.Hash parameter.

Can process tha arguments using Main(args) and/or Application.QueryString[name].



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