Can I filter in ListBox?



Hi, I have a ListBox with more that 1000 Items with text and value properties.


I like to filter the text entered in a textbox.. For example.


dim txt = textbox1.text


For each itm in ListBox.items

if not itm.text = txt then


end if



Some idea? thanks.



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Items in a ListBox don’t have properties, they are usually just strings. If you use objects as items they are just objects that return a string. That’s the standard behavior of list boxes.

However, the items on the client (in the javascript widget of the listbox) can be hidden. So:

If you filter on the client, and you want to hide item 3, for example:

listBox1.getChildren()[3].exclude(); <– used exclude(), not hide() otherwise the item will be hidden but still used for the layout.

If you filter on the server, you have to remove the item:



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