[SOLVED] Button images are cut off at the bottom

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  • Create a button.
  • Add an image by setting the imagesource to a theme icon
  • The bottom of the image is cut off both in the designer and in the running application. (See attachment)
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Hi Nic,

It happens only with the cursor-nodrop because it’s a PNG with size 20×20 and now the default image size in the theme is:

theme-1: 24×16 (because the SVG iconset 1 is based on fontawesome and the ratio is wider)

theme-2: 20×20 (the SVG iconset is based on icons8 and the icons have a sqare ratio and are a bit smaller)

theme-3: 18×18 (the SVG iconset is based on google material and the icons are a bit larger)

I’ll change the cursor-nodrop to 16×16 (don’t why it’s 20×20). The set the size of the icons on the button use the imagelist.

I think we should add a new property ImageSize to set the size on the specific control instead of having to either resize the image or use an imagelist components.



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