Button: image and text to left



is it possibile to have a button with image on left and text on left after the image?

now if I set middleleft for text and image, the text is align to center



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The internal button layout reproduces the winforms button layout. See https://wisej.com/support/question/bug-btn-imagealign

There are two grids with 9 positions corresponding to the layout position of the text and the image. Except for the Overlay option.

The grids adjust their size to the content proportionally. So when the text is longer it will use a larger grid. The size of the icon is set in the theme. The problem you are seeing is that the text side of the grid uses half of the button when the text is shorter than the button, which is the same in WinForms.

You can achieve what you are looking for, IIUC, see image below, but making the text portion longer. You can do that buy setting AllowHtml = true and use this text:

<div style=”width:500px; padding-left:10px”>BUTTON 1</div>



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