[SOLVED] Bubble extension issue


Hi all – is there some way to affect the offset/placement of the bubble extension control?  Maybe via javascript somehow?

In my UI I assign it to a user control to show how many messages are unread in a chat application.

Each “handle” in the chat application is a user control that is placed in a flow panel.

I’m having trouble getting it to display consistently.  When I load the panel with “handle” controls – I specify that there are unread messages – and that becomes the number in the bubble.

But then if a new message comes in after the initial display – I dynamically display the bubble as needed.  It works – however the locations of the bubble are different if it is dynamically added to the user control.  See the screenshot to see what I mean. #heidi, #andy, and #cathy were all loaded w/ the bubble on already.  #kirstin is the one with the bubble dynamically added after the fact.  See how the alignment / placement is not right.

Is there some way – maybe via javascript – to adjust the placement of the bubble so that I can force it to be consistent somehow?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions…


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Hi Matthew,

thanks. We could reproduce and fixed in the extension.
Please update from GitHub.

Best regards

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