[SOLVED] Brotli question


Hi all,

i’m checking brotli compression to get better performance.


I added a references to Wisej.Web.Ext.Brotli in my project and tested some things.

I try to do the same operation on two different tabs: one with brotli enable (https) and one with brotli compression not available (http) with chrome version 75.0.3770.80


First over https: image1

gzip, deflate, br


Second over http: image2
gzip, deflate


I’m getting same result, it’s normal ?
I read somewhere that Wisej2 is using http for DataGridView, these operations are not about DataGridView loading.


Wisej 2 (
Wisej.Web.Ext.Brotli (version, runtime version v4.0.30319)
Default json with “enableWebSocket”: true,


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Best Answer

Brotli works the same with http and https. In your screenshot the compressed frames are the yellowish ones that say “Binary Message”.

Wisej uses http for data paging (just downloads) and websocket for everything else. The brotli extension compresses all http and https responses larger than 2048 if the browser supports it and all websocket responses larger than 2048 regardless of browser support since the decompression is done by Wisej.

To compare the sizes you’d have to remove the Brotli assembly and compare the websocket binary frame sizes.

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Hi Luca,

thanks for your answer!


I’m missing the part where on WebSocket, compression is done regardless of browser support.

Now all make sense!



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