Brotli Compression Issue with Edge and Chrome



I upgraded 2 our or sites on the same server to 2.011 and the first site went fine on the conversion and release.  Added the Brotli compression and everything worked fine. did the same to the second site and everything went fine except the site would not work in Edge or Chrome.  IE came up just fine.  I even copied over the website from the first project that is working fine and the same thing was happening.  After hours of frustration working with hardware group to figure out what was different I removed to the Brotli.dll (It is version 2.011 and everything started working on edge and chrome.

When you try to bring it up in edge or chrome it just spins and spins.  IE spins then goes to the login/ main page.

Any Ideas or settings on the webserver that would cause this to work on one site and not the other?

Thanks  -Tim

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Hi Tim,

did you try to use the latest version of the Brotli extension from GitHub ?
It was upgraded recently due to a bug we fixed.
Can you please share some details about the server that is not working correctly ?
Is it a 64 bit machine ? Which OS, version etc. ?
Any differences in that regard to the server that works fine ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

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