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I been developing standalone winform desktop C# programs for many years. By following the guide, I was able to get up and running using wisej to develop some simple web app. However many things are foreign to me, for example: IIS, session, cookies, web development, configurations, how static variable works differently, timeout, setup, etc…
So I am looking for a good book that you can recommend to fill this knowledge gap. Thank you.

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Hi John,

I don’t have a specific book to recommend. But to get into Wisej development your winforms C# experience is already a major advantage since 99% of the development and design is very similar if not identical.

To learn more about cookies, IIS and session variables I’d experiment with plain ASP.NET. Most of the features you mentioned are available with similar names and something using the same classes (i.e. CookieCollection).

In Wisej you will find everything application-related under the static Application class: Application.Session, Application.Cookies, Application.MapPath, Application.Browser, etc.

The rest is just C#/VB.NET and .NET bindings, data connections, connection pools. Obviously you have to code or migrate thinking that instead of 1 user, your app will have several. So if you may want to reuse some data sets, or make sure not to hold on too many open connections. Just like you’d do in a plain vanilla ASP.NET app.

One interesting feature is that you can share resources across users by saving them in static variables. To share variables across contexts save them in sessions (what was static should become session).

HTH a bit.




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