Blocking user from multipe login



There anyone have experience to blocking user from multipe login?

I have sore this value to variable in start screen


but when i open another tab browser, my variable in first browser following change with then second browser value.

How to solve this problem.






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We store sessions in a SQL table and as soon as a user starts a new session, we disable the existing session – it doesn’t log them out, or close their tab, we just check the “session” whenever they click anything and if they’ve been logged out, they’re told and the action is ignored.

We charge clients a per seat fee and don’t want the same user logging in to multiple tabs, browsers or computers.

You could check the table to see if they are logged in and block them if they are, however the reason we did it how we did was because we can’t know if they close the browser. We’re yet to find a way of listing all the active session id’s unfortunately.

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Hi Fu,

Each new browser tab in a Wisej.NET application in itself is a new session, that’s why the Application.SessionId is always changing.

You can actually keep the same SessionID if you opt for using the browser’s local storage, for more info, please visit Wisej.NET Documentation | Session Management.

To effectively ban a user, you have multiple choices:

  1. IP Address ban
  2. MAC Address ban
  3. E-Mail based ban (not only a single email, but you can ban an entire domain)

I would suggest that you implement both MAC address and E-Mail based bans because IP Bans can be bypassed if an ISP uses dynamic addressing.


  • fu min
    Thanks Alaa for you suggestion
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