[SOLVED] Blank page when run on server but works on dev


When I deploy to my server where I have other WiseJ apps running i get spinner then blank screen.

On server I have:

bin folder with the DLLs from the BIN folder on dev machine

Root has Theme folder with the Blue-1 theme file in it, default.html, default.json, web config file with my lecense key in it

Site is setup under IIS using default App pool

Any ideas ?


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Best Answer

I got it to work,

Not sure what did it but I edited the default Json file and added the theme “Blue-1” . That’s all i changed.

Not sure why it was not in there from the beginning when i created the project.

  • Levie (ITG)
    Glad to hear you got it resolved!
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I’m not following – it does work locally on my DEV PC. The server is where the issue is.

Server is Windows 2012 Server with IIS – already running several WiseJ applications without issues.

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Hi Edmond,

Have you tried running the project with Local IIS instead of IIS Express to try to replicate the issue in VS?

  1. Run the project in Administrator mode
  2. Right Click Project and select Properties
  3. Select “Web”
  4. Switch “IIS Express” to “Local IIS”
  5. Run the project


A few things to check:

  1. Set a breakpoint in the Program.Main function to verify program entry
  2. Verify that Default.json “startup” has the correct namespace and path to Program.Main
  3. Open Chrome Developer tools and look for any issues in the debugger.


Let me know what you find after evaluating your program!

It would help if you could attach a small sample replicating the issue if possible.




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