Blank page. application won't start

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The application runs in visual studio but when it is deployed, it won’t start and display only a blank page after a few seconds of hourglass.

The server is Win 2012 R2, with ASP.NET 4.5 and WebSockets

The web site allows anonymous authentication.

What’s wrong ?

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To  update the thread. The problem has been solved, it was related to debug code in the app.

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Hi Luca,

I’m using build

The breakpoints are always reached in debug mode. I get the problem when I deploy to a server (2 servers out of 3, one is working).

I’ve added a message box as the first instruction of Program.Main. No difference, it is not displayed.

Then I’ve made different tests and the result is surprising: apparently, when the DEBUG constant is in your build, you can deploy it and it works. If you remove the DEBUG constant from your build, the application won’t start.

This is very strange. Please have a look at that.



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Hi Pierre,

What build are you using?

If you put a break point in Program.Main is it reached?

If yes, what happens if you show a black form or message box and do not load the rest of the app?

If you want to send me directly a like we did in the past, I’m available.



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